Welcome to The Juris Diction

    Legal Translation requires a very skilled knowledge; the translator must be a professional with an exceptional knowledge of his/her working languages and also have the familiarity of the legal terminology that only can be acquired through higher studies and/or practice of a legal profession.

    After all, the mistranslation of even a small passage of a legal document can result in confusion, frustration, undue delay and increased cost.

    That's why we apply professional selection methods and quality control procedures, based on ISO 9000/2000 standards, to assure that all our linguists are suitable qualified to guarantee exceptional work, in multiple languages, with special emphasis to the Portuguese language in all of its varieties: European, Brazilian and African.

   We will always take into consideration the context of your translation, and the circumstances in which it will be used. Doing so, we are able to accurately match the translator with the correct legal knowledge and experience to your translation.

   Our expertise, quality, reliability and competitive pricing is why our clients trust us and come back time after time.